Danish contribution to Chicago Biennial  competition entry (2019)
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The project highlights the livestock industry and its scale across Denmark and Chicagos once prairie landscapes, now organised in to a new rural order. The installation intended to explore the notion of a new rural, revealing the processes of digitisation and the unending but paradoxically hidden spaces of agro and livestock production.
The diverse and bounteous vision of nature represented by Garfield Park and its concentric rings are organised, divided, subdivided and compartmentalised with a relentless cartesian grid, revealing the sheer scale, repetition and technicalization of agro-industrial processes. This grid, denoted by a skeletal roof plane, contains a series of spaces of both inhabitation and exclusion. A gradient of metal fences and meshes - the defining material feature of the new rural - maintains visibility through the site whilst defining routes through and spaces within. A series of nodes/towers within this grid allow visitors to escape the rural labyrinth, revealing the logic of the grid from above.
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